tmc connects Family and Job

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tmc connects family and job to support you 100% during the challenging times of parenthood

Part-time parent and part-time employee – a new you, which takes getting used to. The feeling not to be able to perform 100% as a parent or not 100% in the job at all times is difficult. Somehow being torn apart between family and work life can be strange in the beginning. You might ask yourself whether you work too much or have too little time for your kids or vice versa. These thoughts are present in every young parents life.

tmc offers flexibility to accommodate family and career

To us at tmc, it is important to support all parents offering a flexible and innovative work environment based on trust. Good organization and a great dose of flexibility are key to manage the often fast-paced family and work life. Luckily it has become very easy for employers – also in part due to the experience during the pandemic – to support young parents by offering remote work. This way the hours a toddler is in daycare can be seized productively, instead of partially being spent commuting. Furthermore, the flexible time schedule tmc offers, is very helpful to parents, who have younger children that need afternoon entertainments and attention from their parents. Our family-with-children ratio is 50:50. In the last 3 years we have welcomed 15 new tmc babies. With an average age of our staff at 35 years, there are bound to be a few more babies.

You are not alone: 50% of tmc employees are parents

There are many success stories of happy families who are also our very successful co-workers. We’re all incredibly proud of that. Being able to support employees in finding their work-family-life balance and being able to shape it in such a way to have a happy life, is among the HR goals of tmc.

We have committed to being an innovative company and carry on this attitude in every respect of our company culture. We all strive to find new ways together that benefit everyone, including parents, and increase the satisfaction of the team and our customers all-the-while our solutions also benefit the environment.

Job and Family: Our Co-Workers report

Here are three short examples of satisfied team members, who have found their work-familiy-life balance at tmc. In course of our blog series there will be more to read about Claudia, Benji and Magdalena as well:

  • Claudia (36, mother of two children): „I am team leader in the infrastructure area of tmc und thanks to the flexitime model of tmc I can spend the afternoons with my kids and continue my work at night, when they are asleep.”
  • Benjamin (35, father of two children): “I am in the Management team, responsible for the Product & Portfolio Management. Finding the balance can sometimes be a bit difficult, we’re honest about it at tmc and the flexibility in terms of schedule and location allows us to be there for our kids to best guide them as they grow up. A lot of my colleagues are parents as well, which makes it much easier. All tmc babies and toddlers, including mine, appear acoustically or live in front of the camera during calls and put a smile on the faces of the rest of the team.”
  • Magdalena (31, mother of two children): „I highly appreciate the flexibilty, which tmc provides. Therefore, I can continue the work I already did before having kids without limitations, as a part time employee as well. I work as a software developer and mostly from home. This way I can truly use the time while my kids are occupied elsewhere. “

If you would like to learn more about our remote, part-time of full-time models at tmc, please contact us. Stay tuned to read about some of the stories of how tmc connects family and work life.

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