Digital track maintenance

What is sustainable is what endures and promises lasting success. This is why we develop solutions that make track construction and maintenance work more precise, easier and safer.


Condition detection

In the condition-based maintenance procedure, sensors determine the condition of the infrastructure, the machine and its parts. This allows you to plan maintenance works in a timely manner, while avoiding breakdowns.

Resource optimization

Personnel, time and capital. These are the company’s most valuable resources. That is why our solutions are designed to increase safety alongside efficiency.

Better maintenance

By collecting and analyzing machine data, our solutions help you to improve your maintenance planning. This allows you to plan ahead and minimize downtime.

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Assistance systems for track machines

Machine Manufacturer

We make digitization easy for you. Our solutions turn the track machines you manufacture into highly efficient machines that give you a competitive edge.


Systems for track and fleet monitoring

Fleet & Tool Owner

Keep an eye on the condition of your track infrastructure and maintenance machines with our solutions. This allows for improved operation and maintenance planning, as well as reduced costs.


Digital systems for track surveying

Infrastructure Manager

We automate track surveying so that you can work more efficiently, precisely and above all, safely. We make track measurement possible, without an impact on operations.

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