Digital systems for track surveying

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Getting digitalization on track

Our software solutions connect tracks and computers and open up a new world of possibilities in infrastructure management. With the help of our innovative technologies, you shorten maintenance times, increase precision in track surveying while improving safety, and build a basis for resource-efficient track maintenance.

Safety and Efficiency

Your employees’ safety is our top priority. You can reduce the number of staff working on the track by introducing fully automated track surveying or digital twins of entire track sections. Thus, track surveying can be carried out from a safe distance, while track closures may be avoided.


Referenced & Absolute Track Geometry (tmRTG / tmATG)

Referenced Track Geometry (tmRTG) is a solution for track survey and tamping machines to automate the track surveying process. Tracks can now be measured faster and from a safe distance with the same level of precision. In contrast to absolute surveying (tmATG), which also uses geodetic data, tmRTG is based on the combination of reference point measurement and inertial measurement.

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Data Recording Processor (tmDRP)

The Data Recording Processor (tmDRP) collects the track geometry information after the machine has finished working. To complete an infrastructure company's maintenance order, you need an acceptance report. tmDRP automatically generates detailed, rail-specific work reports that can be used for this purpose.

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Digital Environment Profile (tmENV)

The Digital Environment Profile (tmENV) allows you to digitalize the survey of the track environment and thereby makes it more reliable. With one system, several parameters of the track environment can be recorded, making the surveying process more efficient and the results more precise. Since the work is not done at the track, the risk of accidents can also be minimized.

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