tmc at AusRAIL Plus: Bringing Digital Railway Solutions to Sydney

tmc is paving the way for digital track machines and track maintenance on a global scale. In an exciting development for the rail industry, tmc is delighted to announce its participation at AusRail, alongside industry experts such as Ground Control, DMA, and Global Rail Group. At our shared booth, expect the latest solutions for making track machines and track maintenance operations more streamlined, efficient, and digitally connected.

Quick facts for AusRail: Find us in Halls 1-2, Booth 424

tmc, renowned for its innovative digital solutions for track machines and track maintenance, is taking a giant step across continents to present its digital solutions at the 

AusRail Plus
November 13, to November 16, 2023
at the International Convention Center in Sydney, Australia

Together with our industry partners, we are showcasing railway digitalization solutions at our booth in Halls 1-2, Booth 424. This collaboration ensures that rail operators and maintenance engineers and staff can embrace digital technologies with ease, offering a range of benefits for the industry.

Presenting Digital Systems for Track Surveying

At our booth, expect to get the latest on our digital track solutions. We’re ready to show you how you can obtain the track insights you need remotely and automated, without track closures. Learn about tmRTG, tmLens, and our Central Application Hub tmOS for integrated data management. Join uns, we’re ready to make digitalization easy for you. We’ll provide you with an in-depth view of your network and access to measurement data. Access your data at any time in a structured manner for all our applications and those of our partners.

Meet our Industry Partners

With our umbrella representing #railwaydigitalisation technology and services, our partners are showcasing their cutting-edge solutions and highly sought-after services alongside us. So, let’s unveil who we will be sharing our booth with:

  • Ground Control
    Ground Control is a leader in High-Speed Ground Penetrating Radar for Rail with over 30 years of experience, providing critical track KPIs such as fouling index, humidity index, and track modulus at speeds up to 300 km/h in a timely manner – gain important track insights to optimize maintenance activities. Learn more
  • Global Rail Group
    With knowledge and expertise, Global Rail Group empowers the global railway industry toward efficiency, safety, and innovation. They offer Consulting & Engineering, Training at their Academy, and Media Services, making Global Rail Group a trusted partner for Railway Undertakings worldwide. Learn more
  • DMA
    Meet the global leader in solutions for railway infrastructure monitoring and diagnostics, including train-borne and wayside solutions, as well as software solutions. Learn more

Visitors at our booth of railway digitalization leaders can witness firsthand the synergy that collaboration promises. Explore cutting-edge technologies, discuss industry challenges, and learn how, together, we can transform the rail sector.