Find your Work-Study-Balance at tmc

Besides connecting job and family, tmc also supports work and study programs. Hence, we would like to introduce our colleague and student Philipp. Having young kids is not the only reason to work part-time, which is why we are thrilled to share Philipps experience with you.

Philipp is 23 years old and started working for the tmc, the flexible employer from Linz, in the summer of 2020 during an internship. Following his internship in Linz, Philipp continued working for tmc. Then he switched to a student part-time job of 5 hours per week. During this time Philipp worked in the Vienna branch and maintained a variety of databases.

Work and study: tmc the flexible employer from Linz for students

Philipp is studying Software and Information Engineering at the technical university of Vienna. tmc’s flexible working model allows him to combine work and studies without seamlessly. Philipp started working 20 hours per week in October 2022. He sometimes works from home and likes going to the tmc Vienna office, all in flexible alignment with his team. That way, he enjoys the advantages of both worlds. Even though he appreciates working from home to spare him from the commute, he also enjoys working at the office, since he enjoys meeting colleagues and gets the chance to connect and network. The interaction with other tmc members really enriches Philipps working days and adds variety.

Team spirit and learning curves at tmc

In fall last year Philipp switched teams and joined a tmc DevOps team, where he provides internal technical support. Two colleagues and a team lead are working together with Philipp and support him, when he needs anything. Since tmc is a rapidly growing company in Linz, the team will be growing as well. Philipp tells us that it’s exciting! Everyone in his team is working highly independent, but weekly meetings and quick help from the other team members is at his fingertip for questions and troubleshooting. Quick on the job learning is required and Phillip enjoys it.

Are you looking to become a DevOps Engineer?

Philipp tells us that some technical knowledge is required for the job, but most of the tasks can be learned on the job. So if you are looking for an internship in Linz or Vienna or if you are looking for a flexible and interactive student Job, which allows you to combine job and studies easily, check out our job vacancies.