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At tmc one way of moving forward to a higher rank in Integrated Data Management for Railway Infrastructure involved the launching of our latest product tmOS. As an open end-to-end onboard and off-board platform, tmOS makes digitalisation easy with its flexibility and deep insights by closing the digital loop between different key products in track machine assistance, track and fleet monitoring and infrastructure of track surveying. The linking of different data sources ensures the perpetuation of data integrity for the onboard central track machine management hub and off-board in the all-encompassing track data correlation platform. This means a simple automated data transfer from onboard to off-board. But that is not all.

Integration of tmRTG and PosTG

There are a number of other benefits, such as the new UI design interface and UX product user experience. The platform also ensures the synchronisation of crucial data from tmRTG, the novel track geometry measurement system, and the most used zero-speed track geometry measurement system PosTG. Our seamless access platform also allows for the interactive visualisation of two data streams throughout the measurement process, alongside a free navigation through all available measurement data.

Furthermore, tmOS allows for additional Applications to be activated to complete the view and analysis of current track geometry conditions. Having all these data at a single place in a correlated way allows the calculation and editing of tamping correction data, again in a dedicated Application. Watch out for more posts on this topic in the coming weeks. Finally, tmOS provides the immediate transfer of working data to the track machine.