Discover the new features of tmMDC & tmSYNC

Discover the new features of tmMDC and experience how the integration of tmSYNC enables a common understanding of position and time. With integrated shock sensors for improved anomaly detection and with tmSYNC, tmc revolutionizes railroad applications and enables data based decision making. Read on to find out about all the upgrades our teams have incorporated for tmMDC and tmSYNC.

Shock Sensor Integration

We are excited to present our latest enhancement of our Portfolio by integrating a cutting-edge shock sensor. This innovative addition ensures a save transfer of track machines by enabling recognition of excessive shocks.

The shock sensor seamlessly integrates into both the tmMDC and the tmMCO, ensuring a comprehensive shock detection system for track machines. It is always about a harmonized setting between hardware and software. As a railway specialist, tmc not only offers the software but also a sensor designed and certified for the railway application.

To cater to the unique needs of shock detection, tmMDC ensures recognition of anomalies even in low power mode. Whenever a configurable threshold, such as 2g, is exceeded an event information is sent via email. This approach empowers you to gain insights how well your machines are handled in every situation. Moreover, upon exceeding the threshold, the tmMDC wakes up from the low power mode and collects additional data, including the machine’s position and time. This comprehensive data collection ensures a holistic understanding of the shock event, enabling thorough analysis and precise action planning.

ASC Sensor
ASC DiSens ECO-Rail Sensor

VPN Remote Access

The VPN Remote Access brings lots of benefits like the opportunity for a remote service interface with two-factor authentication. Remote service creates a large savings potential both in terms of costs and CO² due to eliminated travel.

TRDP Support

With the support of the Train Real Time Data Protocol the communication over a new open standard is now possible. Ensuring futureproof communication protocols, its ensured that tmMDC allows collecting data of more and more systems. TRDP is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing railway systems, making it highly scalable and compatible with various hardware and software platforms.


Multiple sources of position (GNSS, DMI, PosTG) and time (GNSS, NTP) require a common understanding of time and position to achieve the highest possible reliability and accuracy. With tmSYNC, tmc offers a system that synchronizes time and position on a track maintenance machine and passes the information to all other systems that need this data stream, such as systems that require a distance-based pulse or a time pulse. With consistent timestamps and position references, different subsystems can easily correlate and combine data streams. This integration enables a holistic understanding of machine status and performance, leading to better decision making.

RTK Real Time Kinematic

Unlock the Power of Precise Positioning in Railway Applications. Why settle for standard positioning services when you can have the best? With the implementation of RTK services, precision is on a whole new level, ensuring utmost accuracy. With the power of Real-Time Kinematic technology, delivering centimeter-level accuracy in absolute position is possible. By seamlessly integrating this precise position source into tmSYNC, alongside other reliable sources, we ensure consistent and dependable positioning, even in challenging environments. It is time to say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace a new era of GNSS-Services.

DMI Integration

The coprocessor integrated in the tmMDC now offers a DMI (Distance Measuring Interface), providing a direct connection between the distance measuring wheel and tmMDC and therefore it is also a position source for tmSYNC. 

The distance measuring wheel is used to obtain relative position data, and with the ability to enter a distance kilometer manual or via the tmRTG camera and the use of QR codes, the position is additionally referenced.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your track maintenance machines? Embrace the power of tmMDC and tmSYNC. Get in touch to learn more about tmMDC and tmSYNC or follow us on LinkedIn for future updates.