DRP - Data Recording Processor

DRP - Data Recording Processor

Precise. Customizable. Digital.

The DRP is an electronical data recording device which is used after tamping and stabilization machine work is over. The display of the gathered data is done graphically which makes finding mistakes easy and fast. Track measurement has never been more straightforward.




The data recording processor (DRP) is used to record, evaluate and display various track parameters (e.g. longitudinal height, direction, transverse height, torsion, etc.). The DRP is used after the work of the tamping machine or a dynamic track stabilizer is done. The measuring devices for the various parameters deliver analog signals. These are read in by the DRP system at regular intervals (e.g. every 25 cm), saved after an analog/digital conversion and displayed on the screen. If necessary, they can also be printed out using a commercially available printer. The fully digitized processing of the measured values ​​offers many new possibilities for evaluation. By comparing the measured values ​​with specified rail-specific limit values ​​for the individual parameters, tolerance violations are identified. A graphical display and a listing in the exceedance report are carried out automatically. The stored measurement data can be transferred to other computers and processed via USB. The hardware essentially consists of the analog measuring devices for various track parameters, a 15 ”touch panel PC and a PLC for recording and digitizing the measuring signals.

Digital recording technology offers a number of advantages:

  • Calculation of direction and height D1 (3-25 m) according to EN 13848
  • Compatible with track geometry measurement vehicle records
  • Unkomplizierte Ereignismarkierung durch vordefinierte Marker am Touchscreen
  • Automated limit violation report
  • Direct conversion into specific quality-describing digits possible
  • Digital data processing facilitates further processing
  • Graphic display of measured values and acceptance tolerances depending on the route class and type of work
  • Available in more than 20 languages



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