Flexible part-time work at tmc

In today’s part of our blog series „tmc connected connects family and job” we would like to introduce you to Kathrin. Kathrin is 37, a mother of two kids at the age of 11 and 14. She started working at tmc in 2020 and is part of the admin team. Kathrin is very satisfied with the variety of tasks and responsibility for the tmc Headquarters – the company is situated in Linz.

tmc as a family-friendly employer

Currently Kathrin is working 25 hours per week, which she splits into two days at the office and two days working remotely. Kathrin appreciates the variety of tasks as well as the associated flexibility she has in executing them. In agreement with her team lead Kathrin has the option to plan the length of her workdays as well as her weekly schedule. She lets her team lead know which days she will work remotely and on which days she will be present in the office, on a week-per-week basis. This way Kathrin has the possibility to take her kids schedules into consideration, which she describes as a great benefit to her work and family life.

Trust and Appreciation

In addition to the high flexibility Kathrin’s job with tmc, her employer in Linz offers, she also values the wonderful team climate as well as the high level of trust and appreciation. She tells us about how this keeps her motivated and how much joy she feels working for tmc. Furthermore, Kathrin is excited about the new things she can learn, like introducing IT system or process to make tmc’s admin run even more smoothly. Kathrin likes to take on new responsibilities and tmc values that in her.

English as company language – you can do it!

Kathrin also tells us about her initial worries regarding her level of English when she applied for the job at tmc. She wasn’t sure she would feel at ease with English as the main working language. Let Kathrin be the one to tell you: “don’t be shy, I’ve quickly managed to adapt and to correspond. Only when it comes to open discussions with the team in English during a meeting, I am still a bit shy”, but Kathrin adds that’s her nature and giggles. 

Kathrin is looking forward to having another full or part-time team member, since she values her challenging job, in which she has the possibility to learn something new on a regular basis. Also, like all the growing software companies in Linz, we’re not short of new projects to tackle. 

If you would like to support Kathrin’s team, or are looking for a new job in Linz or a job in Vienna  at tmc, have a look at our current job openings.