tmOS x Ground Control: High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar becomes available on tmc’s Onboard & Offboard Suite tmOS

tmxOS x ground control


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Our claim is to make digital railway infrastructure measurement and maintenance easy, right? With Ground Control’s High Speed Penetrating Radar we have found just the solution that is more than worthwhile to integrate in our tmc open onboard and offboard web-based  platform tmOS.

Advantages of Ground Control’s High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar

With each measurement run, the High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar investigates track conditions to complete the view on current track geometry. The radar is configured to only measure between sleepers to allow for interference-free data quality. Using antenna frequencies between 100 MHz – 900 MHz give us an optimum resolution at different depths.

The data visualization of each measurement run allows you to

  • Map track layers
  • Determine the status of track bed using the Ballast Fouling Index
  • Identify clay fouling and mud pumping locations along the track
  • Analyse track drainage for solving drainage issues
  • Locate load bearing capacity problems
  • Check back after work was done for quality control of track renewal work
  • Derive restructuring recommendations
  • Continue calculation of track modulus

Why use Ground Control’s Radar together with tmOS?

Results of a Ground Control’s product become an extra layer in tmc’s tmOS. As an additional data source to track geometry coming from PosTG and tmRTG in tmOS it can be used to get the complete picture of the status of your tracks, track geometry and condition. This in turn allows for even better guidance for maintenance work on your railway network.

And for all those having to manage the systems for track survey –  rest assured: you can start and stop all of tmc’s measurements systems, such as PosTG and tmRTG at the same time as the Ground Penetrating Radar – via tmOS.

For more insights visit us at the upcoming Innotrans, in Berlin at booth 270, hall 26a.