Meet Fabian: Junior Product Manager at tmc and Globetrotter

Today we introduce you to Fabian, who is a Junior Product Manager at tmc and is passionate about exploring Europe by train and savouring the world’s food menus.

Junior product manager with career opportunities

27-year-old Fabian has been part of the tmc team since the beginning of 2023 and joins us as a Junior Product Manager. Together with his team leader Benjamin and two other colleagues, he is effectively the “in-house customer voice”, i.e. the interface between our tmc customers and our development teams. In particular, he is responsible for the fleet management, hence for tmMCO as well as tmMDC.

When Fabian started at tmc in Linz just over a year ago, he was still studying part-time in Hagenberg, where he completed his Master’s degree in Human Centre Computing last summer. Since then, he has joined the Product Management team full-time.

Flexible job with future prospects

In addition to his young, communicative and open team, Fabian also appreciates the flexibility offered to employees in his work at tmc. Although he spends most of his time working directly in the Linz office, he also works from home from time to time, and his hobby is also very much accommodated by the fact that holidays are sometimes approved quite spontaneously. With tmc’s product portfolio, Fabian also has plenty of opportunities to continue learning, to change – depending on the direction in which his interests develop. He appreciates knowing that the possibilities are open in all directions.

Time for traveling and sport

When asked about his hobbies, Fabian laughs: “You can choose one!” The young Product Manager usually cycles to the office and in his free time he can be found in the mountains – hiking or on his mountain bike. When he has a little more time, he enjoys taking long train journeys through Europe. Seeing the most diverse landscapes pass by and getting to know a country better while planning the train journey appeals to him when travelling in this way. “It’s wonderfully relaxing, and the train is also the most sustainable way to travel,” says Fabian.

He started travelling the world by train while he was still doing his community service. One of his best experiences was a train journey through Bulgaria at what felt like 100 km/h, with the door open to let the air in. Fabian is our go-to guy for train travel tips and culinary highlights, especially in Eastern Europe.

We wish him many more exciting train journeys and culinary highlights as well as a fantastic journey with tmc. Become part of our diverse tmc team and check out our vacancies now or follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.