Meet Claudia: Team Leader in Operations and dedicated (chicken)mum

We are delighted to introduce Claudia to you as part of our hobby series. Claudia is a team leader in Operations, has two children and almost 20 chickens. Today she tells us how it all came about.

Determined career

Claudia attended a technical college for chemistry and, after a few years of working, began to study civil engineering, specialized in infrastructure, part-time next to her job. She had the opportunity to do many internships, which took her to the Norwegian and South African railways, among others. Claudia also got a taste of the train and railway air at ÖBB and P&T, which gave her the opportunity to start in bid management at P&T after completing her thesis.

She joined tmc towards the end of 2021. Today Claudia is team leader of 8 people in the Operations department. Claudia’s team is responsible for sales support, customized software development, purchasing, commissioning including acceptance tests, and customer support.
One of Claudia’s employees works remotely from Germany, the others are based in Linz and Vienna, and occasionally on customer assignments. Claudia works from the Vienna office, but also travels regularly as part of Europe-wide customer projects.

Successful balancing act between tmc and family life

Claudia really appreciates the flexibility at tmc regarding her working hours. She can take her children to nursery and school herself and pick them up again in the afternoon. She does the rest of her work from home. This means that working as a full-time team leader is ideally compatible with her family life.

Big heart for chickens

In addition to her full-time job and her two children, Claudia also finds time to look after her chicken farm in the garden. The project, which started with 3 chickens, grew considerably when Claudia and her partner were away on business and 15 eggs were hatched at once. Claudia talks very lovingly about her chickens and how each one has its own personality and character traits. Because even among chickens there is the full range from lone fighters to cuddly chicks.

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