Rail Corrugation Measurement System (tmRCM)

The optical Rail Corrugation Measurement System measures rail corrugation with speeds up to 250km. It delivers highly precise real-time corrugation reports.

The Rail Corrugation Measurement System (tmRCM) measures corrugation using a three-point laser with asymmetrical chord. Obtained superpositions represent the condition of the rail surface. tmRCM measures rail corrugation with speeds up to 250km/h and can be mounted on all rail-bound vehicles. Corrugation data can be viewed live and played back. Also, exception reports for violated preselected thresholds can be compiled easily. tmRCM is compatible with our software suite tmOS and can be enriched by additional tmc applications.

Knowing the precise status of the rail surface is key in deciding where to focus maintenance efforts to keep passengers and cargo safe, enabling a more efficient infrastructure management without track closures and putting maintenance staff at risk.

Product details

The Rail Corrugation Measurement System (tmRCM) is used for precise rail corrugation measurement. It consists of the data collection computer, a data analyzing computer with tmSERVER, a corrugation interface for each of the sensors and actuators. As it moves along the tracks mounted on a rail-bound vehicle it maintains a sampling rate of one sample per 5 mm of traveled distance. Results are presented in different wavelength ranges with the corresponding detection range down to 10 mm. The system guides the laser sensors with the actuators above the rails to compensate for minor changes in the track gauge. Measuring with the optical tmRCM has the advantage that contact-based vibrations, inherent to other inertial measurement devices, are eliminated.

Your benefits

  • High precision measurement results
  • Evaluate Results on the spot
  • Enabling more efficient infrastructure management
  • Analyze and improve maintenance processes
  • No interruption in the timetable of rail network
  • Safe work because of no staff in the track bed while measuring corrugation

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