Flexible Parents and New Work at tmc India

Today we’re reporting from India for our blog series „tmc connects family and job”. New Work and flexible work hours, for all, but especially important to parents of young children is a given at tmc, also at tmc India.  tmc offers flexible full-time work and to learn more about how it works we’d like to introduce you to Anjali. Anjali works for tmc India, in Delhi NCR.

Anjali is 33 years old and mother of a 3.5-year-old daughter. She is locally in charge for human resources and marketing. Recently, she has started to take on a few projects as project manager, slowly growing her role. Anjali says that her role with tmc, a software company from Linz, Austria, provides her the opportunity to keep on learning, which she appreciates a lot. She feels like she can use her existing knowledge optimally in her job, develop further at a pace that keeps her interested. 

tmc facilitates having a full-time job and small children

Anjali is working full-time for the Austrian company tmc. She works from the Delhi NCR office twice a week. Hence, the remaining three days she works from home. This way she can pick up her daughter from play school herself on her home office days. After spending some quality time playing with her daughter, they both sit down next to each other and to do their work. Anjali works on her laptop while her daughter does exercises or drawings for her play school. By now Anjali’s daughter has gotten used to working next to mum quietly, for the most part. Once Anjali’s daughter goes to sleep, Anjali continues to work on tasks that are not solvable next to a toddler. Anjali truly enjoys this flexible working model. She tells us that most Indian parents work full-time, they only get to spend time with their kids on the weekends.

A complete package: the flexible new work model at tmc

When we asked Anjali about the advantages of working for tmc her face lights up. She says that tmc truly is a family friendly company, offering the complete package. As an employee at tmc you find the support you need to balance home life and your career. Also, there is a steady learning curve, which is important for Anjali and her inquisitive nature. Anjali concludes that such flexible working models are not yet common in India and that she feels like she hit the jackpot.

Are you curious?

If you can image supporting Anjali’s in our Delhi NCR office, in get in touch with us. We post job openings for India on our website and are currently looking for Data Engineers. If  you’d like to join tmc Austria look at tmc job openings in Linz or our new job openings at tmc Vienna.