Prajna – admirable social commitment at tmc India

The head of tmc India, Akshay, and his wife Dr. Kirti Tiwari have founded the school “Prajna Inclusive Special School” in the Delhi region of India, which we would like to tell you more about.

The school, in which children with special needs as well as children from very poor backgrounds are cared for, is run by Kirti herself. Kirti, who has a PhD in Hindi Literature and is a certified Vocational trainer for special kids, is also the Principal at Prajna School together with five other teachers/therapists.

Learning from each other

Kirti and Akshay decided to start Prajna out of their own family situation at the beginning of 2019, to enable every child to experience a suitable education. Today, 22 children from diverse backgrounds are cared for at the facility, all of whom learn from and with each other in one way or another. The two founders of Prajna describe this as a particularly beautiful and enriching experience for all involved.

Holistic education

Prajna’s goal is not only to provide the children with a school education, but also to support their living situation and to promote the children holistically, according to their needs. Sports, speech and voice as well as therapy are not neglected. There is also painting and handicrafts – for example candles, prayer chains, clay pots, etc., which are sold to bring the proceeds to the school.

Visit from Austria

Prajna received visitors from Austria for the first time this year. The children welcomed colleagues from Linz and Vienna. Together they danced, sang and enjoyed a snack. A shared afternoon that will be remembered by all. Jochen Nowotny, CEO of tmc thanked on behalf of the colleagues for the open day and said: “Akshay and Kirti have built a wonderful place here that benefits so many children. With this socially important commitment, Akshay and Kirti are setting a great example for all of us.”

A school in growth

The commitment of Kirti and Akshay is incredibly admirable, encouraging and gratifying. In addition to their time, they also dedicate much of their financial resources to the school. In order to maintain the school and equip it appropriately, they also rely on donations. Currently Akshay and Kirti are also busy with the necessary official channels to be able to accept donations for the school.For more information about the “Prajna Inclusive Special School” please visit their website