How to: small children and a challenging job at tmc

In today’s part of our blog series „tmc connected connects family and job„ we would like to introduce you to our colleague and software developer Magdalena. Magdalena talks about the challenges that arise when you love your job and have small kids. Now a mother of two children aged 3 and 1, Magdalena started her career with tmc in the year 2016. At that time tmc was still part of the track machine construction company Plasser & Theurer. Since then, Magdalena was on maternity leave twice, each time for one year.

Coming back from maternity leave

Magdalena works as software developer, like she did before her maternity leave. She told us, that her re-entry after the time at home with her children was smooth. Magdalena is very happy that she got the opportunity to continue working in the same position she worked before her maternity leave. She was able to reduce her workload to allow for a part-time engagement while the kids are still small.

The team Magdalena is working with is composed of five employees in the office in Linz and four employees, who work from India for the tmc in Linz. Therefore, most meetings are held online, which makes working from home even easier for Magdalena.

Flexibility: Organizing job and children, increasing work hours at your speed

Immediately after her maternity leave Magdalena started working for a few hours only. Now she works 15 hours per week, which she splits into two full days per week. She works from home as well as from the office in Linz. Since Magdalena and her family live outside of Linz, she enjoys working remotely from home. This saves time she would otherwise spend commuting. Hence, Magdalena can seize the time her young kids are fully taken care of externally.

In addition to home office, Magdalena also values the great flexibility her job offers. Magdalena can organize her working days freely, which allows for the flexibility she needs with her young children. Young parents know, that even when caretaking is well organized with kindergarten, grandparents and so on, there can always be unforeseen events. 

Are you looking to get back to work after your maternity leave?

If Magdalena’s story made you curious and you are looking for a part-time or full-time employment with a family-friendly employer situated in Linz and Vienna, then join us at tmc!  View all job vacancies. Having small children and a challenging job is never easy, but at tmc you’re not alone. 50% of our colleagues are also parents, so you’ve got plenty of support.