Full-time at tmc since 150 days

Kaushal is a 38 years old senior data scientist and works full-time for the IT firm tmc India since the end of last year. Kaushal enjoys his new work environment and shares the experiences of his first months at tmc, the employer situated in Linz, Vienna and Delhi area, with us.

Seeing the output of your work

Before his full-time employment with tmc India, Kaushal worked for service-based firms only. He appreciates that with the software firm tmc he can observe and participate in how the actual products are developed and used by clients. Kaushal says he can see, feel and touch the output of the projects in real time scenario, which is highly motivating. The software products provided by tmc, the innovative employer from Austria and India, are used for machines of their clients all around the world.

It gives Kaushal an immense sense of completeness while working for something which directly deals with the real time track maintenance and the railways. Currently he is working on the prediction analysis project for Railway infrastructure and regarding the health of track maintenance machines for the world’s largest track machines’ fleet.

Hybrid office culture increases quality of life

Kaushal describes that he highly values the hybrid office culture of the software company tmc. He works from the office two days per week and three days from home. Since commuting takes a lot of time in India, he is very satisfied and happy about this arrangement. Notwithstanding the hybrid office culture Kaushal and the team he works in meet virtually on a daily basis. Also they connect on multiple levels in the office. Even with the tmc team situated in Linz, the data scientists from India connects on a regular basis.

Continuous learning process

Kaushal enjoys the constant learning curve at tmc, the IT firm from Linz, and describes that he is very satisfied to use his fundamental skills at tmc India, but also to experience and learn new subjects.

If you fancy joining Kaushal’s team at tmc India or working for tmc at one of the Austrian locations or the Delhi office, have a look at the current job vacancies. We are looking forward to your application!