Whitepaper: Big Data on the Rails with Gaia-X and tmc

As part of the Austrian-German flagship initiative EuProGigant, we’re collaborating to create a shared standard for networking and data exchange between production ecosystems in the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge, digitally connected big data ecosystem that operates across multiple locations, right from the get-go. Our focus is on designing and shaping this ecosystem to serve railway networks worldwide.

tmSYNC: Use Case for Track Machines

“Mobile processing machines” – as they are called in the project, are in our case track machines or measuring vehicles. They pose special challenges to the data infrastructure. Mobile processing machines must ensure secure data exchange and synchronisation of data from various systems and sources, despite sometimes unreliable or unavailable data connections. The collection of precise measurement data and digital reproductions plays a crucial role in this – a topic for which we have defined and implemented a solutions approach with tmSYNC. tmSYNC is a location and time synchronisation solution for measurement data from mobile processing machines, developed and patented by tmc. tmSYNC is an essential building block on the way to capturing highly precise data and constructing a digital twin.

For more details, you can download the whitepaper (German) here and learn more about tmSYNC.