419 Days at tmc

Manuel Urstöger: A New Message from tmc’s Product Manager.       

419 days, or 502.8 Bn data points after my start, tmc has enabled some new cool Fleet Management functionalities.

When I started working for tmc’s Fleet Management Solutions portfolio, they were already at the top of their game with their cutting-edge technologies, offering a fast variety of functionalities in the cockpit, dashboard and report section. Since my arrival, I have contributed to the implementation of new equipment such as the tmSHOCK sensor for the detection of inappropriate handling of machines 24/7 and the tmSYNC, enabling the onboard systems’ synchronization in respect to time, distance and location.

In my first tmc blogpost, I mentioned the concept of tmRTG fixpoint measurements, which as I have learned by now is only a small element in our infrastructure’s measurement portfolio. Today, we have more exciting news to share and I welcome the opportunity that Verena, tmc’s permanent blog writer, has once again given me to directly communicate with you. We are happy to announce that within the next few months we will release an Environmental Measurement tmENV, highly instrumental in the surveying of track superstructure and other essential parts such as our Catenary Wire, Ballast Profile, Platform Edge, Adjacent Tracks or the general Clearance Profile.

Additionally, we gladly jumped at the chance to present and install our products around the world.

One such occasion stands out to me, as we were initiated as first-time participants at the 2nd African Rail Digital Congress in Tunis. This gave us the invaluable opportunity to offer our innovative solutions in novel domains, while identifying the possibilities for future collaborations with potential African partners in new geographical locations.