Connecting tmc to Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Report Part 3

Sustainability Report Blog Series

The United Nation published a list of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 that serves as a blueprint for a better future. These goals are a compass for our world and show the direction in which not only every country, but also every company and every individual should be working towards. Knowing where we stand in a complex world is as important to us as doing our part.

So, while writing our first sustainability report, we have analyzed just that. Here is where we, tmc, stand in making the SDGs a reality.

First, we help to tackle climate change by enhancing the railway infrastructure, addressing both SDG #9 on Industry Innovation & Infrastructure and SDG #13 on Climate Action.

Second, our high-quality and long-lasting products help us grow sustainably in an economic sense, directly addressing SDG #8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Third, we recognize that our employees are our most important asset. tmc fosters their quality education, as echoed by SDG #4 and roots for greater Gender Equality, highlighted in SDG #5.

It is clear that a successful sustainable future is attained by meeting the aforesaid interconnected goals and not by a series of coincidences. Reaching an effective and innovative digitalization system, boosting our customers’ satisfaction, while achieving a cleaner future of novel knowledge and equality, forms a solid cycle of essential links, where one cannot stand alone without the other. The development of a sustainable business is the foundation for a quality, long-lasting business. To find out more, access our sustainability report.