Connecting tmc to Global Megatrends

tmc's Sustainability Report Part 2

Sustainability Report Blog Series

There are twelve overall megatrends in society. Each one displays the world’s complex change dynamics and is used in transformation models. The future institute of Horx even made a very handy subway map connecting them all, check it out here.

For us, we have identified two “relevance clouds” within which we operate – one as employer and one as a software company.

The first tmc-relevant cloud, as an employer, centers on the New Work megatrend, including other trends, such as Individualization, Health, Globalization, and Gender shift. All of this influences how a knowledge-train is maintained within a company and how it attracts new employees.

The second tmc-relevant cloud, as a Digitalization Expert in railway infrastructure maintenance, involves a cluster of interconnected megatrends including mobility, connectivity, urbanization, and globalization.

Megatrends show where society is headed. Knowing where our place is within these trends also allows us to infer where we are headed as a company. It is an invaluable exercise. See our Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement diagram of our recently published tmc sustainability report, showing how the connection within tmc’s main business players ensures high quality services via better communication and transparency.

We have recently published our first sustainability report. This is a series on how we went about it, why we care and what we learned during the process.