MDC - Machine Data Connector

MDC - Machine Data Connector

Device. Feed. Cloud.

The machine data connector is the hardware bridge between your machine and the internet of things. This strong piece of hardware will grant you access to all the tools you need. Machine monitoring and maintenance has never been more powerful. 




The "Machine Data Connector" (MDC) is a data logging system which was developed with the aim of collecting data from the machine and making it available in the cloud. In order to ensure the proper operation of the MDC, the following components must be connected.

  • 24V power supply
  • M12-D plug or
  • CAN connection as a data source
  • GSM - antenna
  • GPS - rear antenna

Addititonally the MDC provides the following interfaces:

  • Ethernet Interface: Data IN
  • 2x CAN-interface - D-Sub 9: 1x CAN IN/OUT, 1x CAN IN
  • USB-Mini: For service and maintenance of the MDC

The MDC has an internal memory of 8 GB and can, therefore, save data temporarily if there is no GSM connection available. ┬┤Depending on the data volume of the machine, data can be stored there for a period of several weeks. If a GSM connection is established, the stored data is automatically loaded into the cloud. The MDC is installed in an aluminium housing. The housing is designed for installation in a control cabinet. The data is then displayed in a structured manner in the Machine Condition Observer.


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