Webinar: Insights into automating track surveys with tmRTG

Join us for an exclusive webinar we are hosting together with the Railway Gazette International on Referenced Track Geometry (tmRTG). If you are a railway infrastructure manager or a track survey engineer, this webinar is made for you. Discover the benefits and accessibility of this groundbreaking technology, making track surveys safer and more efficient than ever before. Learn all about tmRTG and how it’s automating track surveys to provide an additional insight into your track geometry and therefore, track condition. 

During this webinar, you’ll get full access as our experts showcase tmRTG in action, explaining how and when it can be used, what equipment is needed and how accurate it has become at speeds that are 16x faster than conventional survey methods. 

Join our Referenced Track Geometry Webinar

Date: 25 April

Time: 14:00h CEST


Benjamin Stuntner, Head of Product Management

Manuel Urstöger, Product Manager

Beyond that, our experts discuss use cases tmRTG opens for railway infrastructure managers and track survey staff that employs tmRTG on their track-bound vehicles that are truly unique.  Find out what is takes to get tmRTG up and running for you, while learning how tmRTG has performed in Europe and Asia.

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Don’t miss this chance to engage with our experts. As a registered participant, you’ll have free access to our tmRTG webinar and to the live Q&A session that follows the expert talk. Let’s have a conversation about when and how using tmc’s Referenced Track Geometry makes sense for your railway network maintenance or survey project. This webinar is a must for all railway infrastructure managers and those conducting surveys on railway networks around the world. Get ready to automate your track surveys with tmRTG and challenge us with your questions. Register now