tmc: We’re a Great Place to Work

Celebrating success: tmc earns Great Place to Work

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is one of our favorite quotes from the famous Austrian management consultant Peter Drucker, emphasizing that an empowering workplace culture is paramount. Why are we talking about this today? Because tmc proudly announces its recognition as a Great Place to Work (GPTW). This respected certification reflects the culmination of efforts to foster an environment where employees not only thrive but also feel valued and respected. With a focus on collaboration, trust, and purpose, tmc stands out as an exemplary workplace in the IT and railway industries.

Embracing a culture of trust and collaboration at tmc

Jochen Nowotny, CEO at tmc, expresses his satisfaction with the results, highlighting the importance of collaboration and purpose in the workplace. “I am happy with the results, and proud that tmc teams collaborate well and find purpose in their jobs which is hard to find in our fast-paced world. To me personally, it is also important that people know that they are treated fairly, no matter the gender, age, etc. – this is what IT and railway industry is striving to achieve and we got it,” he says.

This sentiment is echoed by Carolin Angermayr, HR Lead at tmc, who emphasizes the insights gained from the certification process. “With the Great Place to Work Certification we have received insightful results, because we know where we can still improve based on what each cohort of our employees puts value on,” Carolin remarks. These insights serve as a roadmap for continuous improvement, ensuring that tmc remains a workplace where every individual feels empowered and appreciated.

tmc a Great Place to Work highlights:

  • We trust each other, 95% agree.
  • We’re a flexible workplace, 96% agree.
  • We really care for each other, 92% agree.
  • We trust each other, 95% agree.
  • We feel like we make a difference, 95% agree.

Out of about 100 colleagues here at tmc, these are huge testimonials to tmc’s work culture that we are very proud to share with you, our colleages, partners, customers and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement and future outlook

While tmc celebrates its achievements, it also acknowledges areas for growth. Employee feedback indicates a desire for more recognition of successes and enhanced benefits. “We don’t celebrate successes enough for some of our colleagues, and we might need to communicate more about the benefits we offer,” acknowledges Carolin. Despite this, tmc remains committed to its core values, encapsulated in the “great eight” principles that guide our operations. As we move forward, we plan to host general information sessions for all employees, reinforcing its commitment to transparency and open communication. The management team remains accessible, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Join us on the journey

As a Great Place to Work, we invite employees, partners, and stakeholders to share the joy that this feedback yields. With a foundation built on trust, collaboration, and purpose, tmc is committed to creating an inclusive and rewarding workplace for all. 

At tmc, “the management door is open! We’re happy to engage with our teams as we strive for continuous improvement,” concludes Jochen and Carolin adds “Together, we are celebrating this milestone and embrace the positive work culture at tmc”. 

If you are interested in joining tmc, here are the open jobs in Linz and our open jobs in Vienna. Follow us on LinkedIn for insights or reach out to our HR Lead Carolin if you have any questions.