Reviving success: tmc’s partnership with Eurailscout

At tmc, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn challenges into triumphs. Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise and dedication through our collaboration with Eurailscout, a renowned provider of innovative railway inspection solutions. This partnership presented us with a unique project involving the Corrugation Measurement System to be deployed on Eurailscout’s UFM120 measurement car in the Netherlands.

Overcoming delays and challenges

The project initially faced setbacks, with delays plaguing its progress. Despite rigorous efforts, the last Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) resulted in failure, and Site Acceptance Testing was put on hold. However, with our commitment to excellence, we embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the project.

Jochen Nowotny, CEO of tmc, reflects on the project’s challenges and our approach to overcoming them, stating, “At tmc, we thrive on challenges and see them as opportunities for growth. Our goal was not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, delivering results that truly resonate with our commitment to quality and innovation.”

Harmonious collaboration: Plasser Italiana and tmc’s seamless worksplit

The first crucial step in the project’s recovery was the meticulous reconstruction of the system architecture. Working hand in hand with our integration partner, Plasser Italiana, we analyzed in detail the previous FAT and initiated appropriate improvement measures. Thanks to these improvements, we executed a full FAT and soon afterwards also finalised the Site Acceptance Testing. A solid worksplit between Plasser Italiana, focusing on hardware and deployment, and tmc, specializing in software development and project management, ensured a seamless collaboration that propelled the project forward.

Eurailscout’s satisfaction with the progress was evident in their praise: “tmc’s dedication and expertise were instrumental in turning our project around. Their proactive approach and attention to detail instilled confidence in us, and we are delighted with the outcome” says Julian Fransen, Head of Technology at Eurailscout.

Closing the project with precision and innovation

With renewed determination and a clear roadmap in place, we reached a pivotal moment in January 2023. A new plan was agreed upon, marking the beginning of a concerted effort to bring the project to fruition. Through unwavering dedication and teamwork, we successfully closed the project within the year, surpassing expectations in terms of quality and adhering to the new timeline.

Project Facts

tmc Products: Corrugation Measurement System 

Deployed: UFM 120, the Netherlands

Project Period for tmc: 2023