Follow us for a machine commissioning to Kazaksthan

It’s an early start today, the sun is up, but it’s still hazy. Is it fog or polluted air? Fabian Wimberger, Head of Product Support and Commissioning at tmc, knows it’s the latter. We’re on a team commissioning project in Kazakhstan. “English doesn’t go far” says Fabian. He relies on humor, translation apps, or local translators. The team’s early start, around 8 am, accommodates both early risers and those who prefer a later kickoff. 

Digital Products Commissioning Timeline for Track Machines

Why is Fabian’s team in Kazakhstan? It’s one of the 10-30 commissioning jobs they handle each year. Fabian explains that when a client purchases a track machine with tmc’s digital products, his team takes charge of on-site installation, testing, and commissioning. The process typically unfolds as follows:

  1. Analysis and Response to Customer Request
  2. Coordination with Machine Manufacturer
  3. Installation of Equipment and Software
  4. Quality Checks and Updates
  5. Test Phase
  6. Customer Acceptance

The commissioning phase can last one week to two months, involving various steps to ensure seamless integration. 

Life on the road with Fabian

Fabian shares insights into a typical day during commissioning. Work begins between 8 and 10 am, with a team lunch featuring local dishes like Borscht or Qarta in Kazakhstan. The physically demanding work is balanced by team camaraderie and humor.

Qualities for joining the team

Fabian highlights the traits shared by his team: resilience, love for outdoor work, adaptability to harsh conditions, and a global mindset. He expresses a desire for more diversity in the team, acknowledging challenges in finding women due to less-than-ideal on-the-job bathroom conditions. The team’s diverse travel destinations include Belgium, USA, UK, India, Malaysia, and Japan.

Opportunity to join the team

Fabian is expanding his team and is seeking a Technical School Graduate for the role of Junior Product Support & Commissioning Engineer. If you’re resilient, hands-on, and a team player, this could be the opportunity for you. Contact us via email or check out all our vacancies here.

Final Commissioning Travel Tips

Fabian, who as a photographer, documents his trips, shares practical advice:

  • Never forget your passport, and apply for a visa on time
  • Check the electricity outlets at your destination and bring an adaptor
  • Ensure personal safety gear, provided on your first day with the team
  • Bring your camera and charge your phone,  there’s always something to capture.