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You want to take off somewhere else, but how? With us! We’re looking for people with a passion for rail, the environment, or programming. Are you a Sunday, evening or spare time programmer? Even if you earn your bread with handicraft, in the gastronomy or somewhere else, we give you a chance! You can learn programming, but you have to be passionate about it! We also welcome applications in which you profess your love for the railroad. Be proud, we are too! Because we are also looking for railroad enthusiasts. Yes, all those who have already built an H0 track network in their garden or basement or who have their model railroad running through their bedroom – apply! Do you like to tinker? Have you already digitized the controls of your model railroad? Then tmc is the employer of your dreams anyway.

And for all programming pros who would also like to hop around on track maintenance machines that weigh tons: you won’t get bored with us. Challenge yourself and your programming skills on our products and with your colleagues in international Scrum-based development teams. Whether C#, Java or Angular, there is always a team among us tmc-ers that speaks your language.

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You are at the beginning of your career?
Why not do a paid internship at tmc? Or take a closer look at the dual study program with FH Hagenberg. Many of our interns liked us so much that they stayed with us.

Our application process
If you have any questions, talk to Carolin Angermayr. Most of the time, Carolin and 1-2 people from the team you’ll be working in will invite you once or twice for an interview live in our central, sunny office in Linz, our cool new location in Vienna, or virtually. In general, we like to keep our application process simple, transparent, fair and honest. Salary, benefits and compensation packages can be found directly on our job descriptions.

Join us and turn your hobby, talent or passion for programming into your profession.

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New Job: My first 100 Days at tmc

Employee Experience News

"Do you know what these bolts are for?" asks Manuel Urstöger, Product Manager at tmc who has been working for us for 100 days exactly. Today he shares his experience with us.


tmc Opens a New Office in Vienna for Programming Talents and Rail Enthusiasts


tmc's goal is to attract new and experienced talents, from software programmers to railway enthusiasts that are willing to learn how to code and live in Vienna.

Wireless connection between two track machines

Connecting Track Machines seamlessly for a better Rail Infrastructure

Tech Insights

The connection of track machines has achieved a higher efficiency terms of machine usage, and as one machine learns from the other, measurement and tamping can go forward, hand in hand.