Discover new tmMCO multi-tenant feature

tmMCO Multi Tenant Feature

We are aware that we just recently provided you with a feature update of tmMCO – but we’ve got one more upgrade to share with you. tmMCO now offers a multi-tenant feature. Bear with us to understand how this feature upgrade is relevant for you as a tmMCO user, whether you are a track machine manufacturer or a fleet manager.

Multi-banking helps to understand our multi-tenant feature

Let’s start with an analogy into banking. Off we go: Multi-banking lets people see all their different financial accounts – often from multiple banks – in a single place. This helps people see the full picture of their finances, so they can get a better understanding and control over their money. Now we basically did the same for all track machine manufacturers.

Some track machine manufacturers, in order to be included on the tmMCO fleet management platform, insist on keeping brand sovereignty by keeping fleet data in separate portals. This has already been a possibility to be configured in the tmMCO registry for track machine manufacturers. Now, however, switching to these separate portals has been made more user-friendly and is possible with a single email address.

Fleet management of multiple machine manufacturers made easy

As fleet manager with track machines from different manufacturers you only have one tmMCO account from which you can access all machines. This means, translated to our earlier example from multi-banking, you have one e-banking platform from which you can access accounts from multiple different banks, that otherwise do not cooperate with each other.

If all of this is too confusing, you’re most likely not alone. It took us a while to grasp it too. The best team to tell you more about this feature is our tmc product management team, you can contract them here. We also thought seeing the changes would help, so here is a before and after video.

tmMCO Multi-Tenant Feature Before & After

We promise to keep the next feature update a bit lighter. But this was important to keep adding new manufacturers in the future. And if you haven’t yet looked into multi-banking, you’re welcome! It will save you a lot of time.