uniforce x tmc = fresh railway talents

Employer Journey


2021 is the European Year of Rail. Everywhere we look rail supply companies are trying to find fresh railway talents and win generation z as future employees. Their main goal is to fill emerging generational gaps in the railway industry. At tmc, we love railways and are in the lucky position of being a diverse and young group of scientists, programmers, mathematicians and digital aficionados that care for our planet and its most sustainable mode of transport.

“We have to make sure that the influx of new talent in the railway ecosystem keeps growing” says Jochen Nowotny, CEO at tmc, adding “our way of keeping young professionals interested in railways is to let them join our teams for selected strategic projects. The best example is our collaboration with uniforce.” uniforce, Austria’s most experienced student consulting agency, has teamed up with tmc. The first common project was to perform market research on digital track maintenance and the second project was to optimize supply chain processes. Most recently, tmc and uniforce collaborate on finding new, platform-based business models. At tmc, uniforce consultants get full access and responsibility and are working alongside tmc teams.

Maximilian Fraissler, Managing Director and Consultant at uniforce, says “It’s very insightful to work so closely with an agile and digital niche player like tmc. Getting immersed in the railway infrastructure ecosystem opened up a world to us we otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.”

The benefits of this collaboration are plentiful. Jochen mentions that “we enjoy the questions we get that save us from group think, latest collaborative tool tips and a fresh perspective. The unique collaborative spirit lets us forget established boundaries.” Maximilian states that “beyond applying theory and bringing new talents into the company, I have learned from tmc team leaders and developers about project management, team motivation and staying focused to reach goals.” Learn more about uniforce or have a look at our latest job offers, if you’d like to make railway track maintenance digital.

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