Visit to the “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” (Kingdom of Railways) in the Viennese Prater

In the “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” there is a fascinating world of railroads on small tracks to experience. Here, children and adults can discover the detailed model railway layout and control interactive driving simulators. In addition, there are historical railroad exhibits to marvel at and children have the opportunity to design their own railroad world. Immerse yourself in this unique destination for railroad enthusiasts – with us, because we were there too and presented some of our solutions on the model railroad layout.

Excursion destination for the whole family

The “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” in the Prater in Vienna is a popular destination for families, especially during bad weather. Here, both children and adults who are enthusiastic about railroads can marvel at the large model train layout, which shows Vienna and, in the future, other provinces. The “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” offers an impressive view of Vienna in miniature. Trains, cabs, rail cars, the waste incineration plant, the Danube Tower and the city center – everything is there. From picturesque scenery to a display of track maintenance with the help of our digital track pot assistant – the “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” offers a fascinating journey through various scenarios of everyday (rail) life – by day and by night.

With interactive puzzles and information points, young and old alike can gain insights into the world of railroads that would otherwise remain hidden. For this reason, school classes and teachers from Vienna and the surrounding area have already chosen the “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” as a destination for school trips.

Actively experience the world of railroads

Visitors can also become a locomotive driver themselves. There are interactive driving simulators where you can take control of a virtual locomotive and ride the rails. It’s an exciting way to experience the fascination of railroad operation up close.

In addition, the “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” also has a wide selection of historic railroad exhibits. From steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains, visitors can get an insight into the development of railroad technology. For the grown-ups, the insight into the digital railroad world is particularly exciting – because there is a lot going on there right now: the railroad industry is an exciting, environmentally friendly high-tech industry that offers jobs for apprentices, students and railroad fans, here you can also go straight to our open jobs in Vienna and Linz.

Fun regardless the weather

The “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” in the Prater is an entertaining and educational destination for the whole family. It offers a unique opportunity to discover the world of railroads and experience unforgettable moments. Whether sunshine or rain, railroad lovers of all ages will find exciting and inspiring experiences here and can learn more about our railroad world.