Meet tmc at IREE 2023 in India

Discover tmc’s Digital Railway Infrastructure, Machine and Fleet Solutions at IREE, India.

India’s premier railway event, the International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE) 2023, is just around the corner and here is a sneak peek into what tmc has in store for IREE attendees. You will find us at Hall 5, Booth 107– we are part of the Plasser India booth this year.

Empowering Track Machines with Edge Computing

Optimize railway maintenance operations by bringing edge computing to track machines. Find out how this cutting-edge technology is enhancing efficiency and safety on for your track maintenance projects and your track machine fleet.

Tamping Assistant for Precision Work

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to railway maintenance. The tmc tamping assistant (tmA2) is set to make tamping processes more accurate and efficient, ensuring the longevity of railway infrastructure. It is also helpful in training new staff and providing support to seasoned track maintenance workers.

Partnering for Precision: Ground Penetration Radar with Ground Control

We have joined forces with our partner Ground Control to introduce ground penetration radar technology to railway infrastructure projects. Learn how this partnership is improving ground assessment.

Revolutionizing Track Geometry with PosTG and tmRTG

Our PosTG and tmRTG solutions promise to revolutionize track geometry. Discover how these innovations are paving the way for a more efficient and reliable railway network. Track surveying has never been easier – and safer! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Akshay Kumar, our lead for tmc India, and Jochen Nowotny, CEO of tmc. Gain insights into their vision for the future of railway technology and make sure to visit tmc’s booth at IREE 2023. It’s your chance to delve into railway infrastructure surveying, track machine assistant systems, and much more.

As tmc sets its sights on IREE 2023, the Indian railway industry can expect digital solutions that promise to  redefine the way we think about railway infrastructure and operations. Akshay, Jochen and the tmc India team are looking forward to welcoming you at the IREE.