tmc Opens a New Office in Vienna for Programming Talents and Rail Enthusiasts

tmc Vienna Office


We’re growing! Our company is happy to announce the opening of its brand-new office at Am Tabor in the 2nd district of Vienna. Superb infrastructure surrounds us, including the Vienna Student Hotel, several Universities, the green Prater for sports and an awesome food scene.

Our goal is to attract new and experienced talents, from software programmers to railway enthusiasts that are willing to learn how to code and to live in Vienna. With a diverse team that always reaches to find the best innovative technical solutions to advance, digitalize and automize rail track maintenance systems. tmc is a place to learn and create AI-based systems that revolutionize the green transport sector: rail.

What are the benefits of working at tmc?

If you want to become a key player in achieving the climate goals, tmc is a company that is a relevant part of the advanced-level solution discoverers. One of our main goals is to promote railway technologies, as it ensures a sustainable infrastructure in global transport. The creation of smart and connected track machines is interlocked directly with the reduction of the world’s carbon dioxide exhaust. How? Our solutions support the development of cleaner, well-maintained rail networks. An attractive railway and a cleaner earth are our goal and future! 

But besides innovative technologies and solutions we bring you:

  • an “Off Desk Time” for trying our products in action on the machines and tracks,
  • an experienced interdisciplinary team,
  • a central workplace in Vienna,
  • a great fun setting and events in family-friendly structures,
  • flexible working hours as well as home-office opportunities

But this is not all! The core of our company’s values is deeply set in the prioritization of our employees’ well-being. The best leaps in progress have often been derived from hard-work and creativity, which in turn is nurtured by a fair and healthy work environment. This is why our company has invested in the creation of wholesome workplace settings with its fair conditions, fruits & goodies and excellent coffee for a more convivial atmosphere to support collaboration and idea sharing. Because we seek new talents and advanced level professionals who care, we make it our business to care for your work comfort and welfare in office.

New Talents and Advanced Level Professionals: Apply now!

Jochen Nowotny, our tmc CEO has expressed his enthusiasm for the welcoming of new tech-savy, environmentally oriented job seekers and rail loving enthusiasts into our diverse teams, as he stated “Vienna remains the biggest hub in Austria of new talents. Our expert teams are powerful when it comes to being the first in creating the next level of innovative sustainable technologies and all of them are ready to welcome new colleagues! I’m proud of this step towards growing our company even further.”

Carolin Angermayr, our HR lead also echoes his zeal about the welcoming of future talents, such as C# Developer, Java, JavaScript and Full-Stack Developers amongst other specialists, as she simply affirms that tmc is “looking forward to your applications! Come and meet me over coffee, ask me anything about tmc and our current job openings in Vienna or Linz. We’re looking for a fit in attitude because coding is a skill you can learn”. For the moment, our Office Opening party will have to wait for future Covid-free, warmer days as we’re keen on keeping our colleagues safe. Nevertheless, we look forward to meeting you. So come and visit our website and see how to begin your journey with us! These are our job openings in Vienna.

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Franz Berger as new technology lead at tmc

Today, we're thrilled to share that, effective April 1, 2024 (and no, it's not a late April Fools' joke!), Franz Berger has stepped up to take the technology lead (CTO) at our company, formerly overseen on an interim basis by Jochen Nowotny, our CEO. 


Meet Benjamin: Head of Product Management and Board Game Connoisseur

Benjamin is tmc's Head of Product Management, describing himself as an agile, creative IT Product Manager with a solid background in software engineering. Beyond his professional realm, Benjamin has a passion for board games.