tmc and Applanix Partnership Ensures for the Market’s Best Track Geometry System   

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Collaboration for Global, Quality, Versatile Products  

Collaboration for Global, Quality, Versatile Products  

tmc partners with Applanix, a leading manufacturer of Inertial Navigation System Products, for a good reason: to bring together excellence and to apply it to provide best-in-class digital railway solutions. tmc, as pioneer in digital solutions for track machines and rail infrastructure measurements and maintenance, joined forces with Applanix, well-known for its effective Position and Orientation Systems (POS). Applanix systems are internationally indispensable in key mapping and remote sensing. Reputable innovations become truly compelling and gain credibility through the change and progress they bring – or rather by demonstrating an irrefutable high efficiency and usefulness. Both companies have solidified their cooperation’s success with the particularly relevant and respected PosTG solution – the well-proven, and most used digital Railway Track Geometry Measurement system. PosTG is Track Geometry at its best, as it unites Applanix mapping excellence with tmc’s railway dedication and software expertise.

With already 118 deployments in 34 countries the PosTG solution of the two companies is a sought-after solution by railway infrastructure managers and railway engineering companies alike. The invaluable solution is unique with its baseline for navigations systems in the aviation industry, which improves data IMU robustness. PosTG is also considered ‘zero-speed’ by allowing for deployment on measurement cars and track machines. By evolving the Pos-products toward tmc’s railway technologies, Applanix has demonstrated its dedication to collaborate and adapt to its clients’ needs.

PosTG has multiple features that distinguish it as a quality product. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. the sensor calibration is required only once when deployed on a vehicle,
  2. it is open for different gauge measurement systems (optical and mechanical),
  3. the D-GPS supports a high positioning precision,
  4. it is railway-dedicated, ensuring EN13848 compliancy,
  5. it is independent of vehicle dynamics or driving directions, and
  6. 6) allows for the deployment on all kinds of vehicles, where the 0-300 km/hr speed range is subject to GMS.

Appreciative of this association’s prominent results, Jochen Nowotny, CEO at tmc, emphasized the collaboration “is a unique blend of expertise and experience applied to digitalize and revolutionize railway infrastructure measurements.”

Stay tuned to follow up with us on tmc’s next developments and to take a deep dive into the world of tmRTG.