Part time at tmc – the reasons can be multifaceted

In this article, we introduce you to Genoveva, who works part-time at tmc, while also pursuing a passion on her own.

Successful new entry

UI/UX designer Genoveva has been working for tmc, the flexible employer based in Linz and Vienna, for a few months. Genoveva works 24 hours a week for tmc and splits it between 3 days. She regularly alternates home office days with her presence in the office, which suits her very well. Not having to travel to the office every day is something Genoveva appreciates because of her longer commute, but thanks to the social components, she is always happy to be in the tmc office as well.Her tasks consist primarily of harmonizing the interfaces of the tmc machines and assisting in the design of existing and new products. In doing so, Genoveva works a lot with the programmers and the project management of the company.

Strong team spirit and various benefits

Genoveva enthusiastically says that the working atmosphere at tmc, the IT company from Linz, is very pleasant and that she gets along well with her colleagues from the various teams. She tells us that all employees are very motivated and that there is a strong team spirit at the software company tmc. All employees from a wide range of nations are very open and there is a strong sense of togetherness throughout the company.In addition, there are various benefits at tmc, the flexible employer, such as fruit and coffee being available at all times and employees’ meals being provided by tmc every Wednesday. Through her previous professional experience, Genoveva knows that benefits of this kind cannot be taken for granted.

Part time also without (small) children

Genoveva made a conscious decision to work part-time for tmc, the technical pioneer based in Linz and Vienna, because she wants to have time to pursue her passion for photography as well. Some time ago, Genoveva also turned this hobby into a profession and doesn’t want to miss it anymore. Genoveva is very pleased that the IT company tmc offers the flexibility to employ her part-time, also without a family background

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