Meet Fabian: Head of Service and Commissioning and a fantastic photographer

Fabian Wimberger Head of Service & Commissioning

Meet Fabian, who discovered his great passion, photography, back in his technical upper-level secondary school days. Find out more about Fabian’s work at tmc and his great hobby.

Direct entry at tmc after graduation

At the age of 24, Fabian has already been with tmc for five years. He decided to take a job with the promising Linz-based employer straight after graduating from his technical secondary school. He started in the development team as a hardware and firmware developer. Over time, he increasingly sought direct customer contact, which suits his communicative nature. Fabian gradually built up the support team and co-ordinated change requests and possible improvements to various products with customers.

Head of Service and Commissioning

By now Fabian is Head of Services and Commissioning and leads a team of five employees, two of whom work in India. Fabian is therefore responsible for customer support and product commissioning. He and his team are involved from the product realisation phase, i.e. from the moment a product goes through the internal test phases. We will tell you how this works in one of our next articles.

Pursuing his hobby since school days

Fabian began taking photographs as a teenager. He became more and more professional in his hobby and was soon photographing family events, school balls and now also weddings and christenings. Depending on the time of year, he works as a photographer at various events almost every weekend, sometimes only every third weekend. He really enjoys the contact with a wide variety of people and capturing the special moments. Fabian also enjoys photographing nature and has been able to capture countless beautiful shots – even when he is travelling to commission new machines for tmc.

We hope Fabian continues to enjoy his hobby (check out some of his work on his website) and are delighted that he and his team are working for our customers at tmc. Read more about our colleagues and their day-to-day work and follow our posts on LinkedIn. To become part of our tmc team, take a look at our vacancies in Linz and Vienna, because we are continuing to grow.