Meet Arvid: Surveying specialist from Warsaw and motorsport enthusiast

Arvid has been with tmc for almost five years now and, with a degree in geodesy from Warsaw, is one of the track surveying experts in tmc’s Infrastructure Measurement System Integration Team. In addition to his enthusiasm for surveying, Arvid is passionate about motorsport. For over 20 years, he has been involved with racing cars in his spare time and has devoted a lot of time to their technology and servicing.

Versatile traveling in surveying

Arvid, who grew up in Warsaw and now lives south of Munich with his family, worked in surveying for various companies – situated in Ireland, Poland and Germany – before joining his current employer tmc. Arvid has always travelled a lot. At tmc he now works about 90% from home and spends the rest of his time travelling to his colleagues in Linz or to customer projects all over the world. Supporting projects on site is an important part of the surveying work, as it may be necessary to check the implementation and make necessary adaptations.

Arvid’s tasks at tmc include calibrating the measuring systems on measuring trains and mobile mapping surveying and post-processing. He also played a leading role in the introduction of the referenced track geometry measurement from tmc, tmRTG for short, and the determination of the absolute track geometry based on it – tmATG in Germany. Arvid is also involved in many tenders and has an advisory role for technical solutions in discussions with customers. Arvid is now primarily responsible for the utilisation of the data obtained, but continues to be involved in the technical implementation of surveying projects and the calibration of measuring systems in the field.

Enthusiastic motor sportsman

Arvid talks enthusiastically about his favourite hobby: motorsport. Arvid has been passionate about racing cars for over 20 years. He owns his own racing car, which he also works on himself, something he has learnt over the years.

Arvid says with a smile that this hobby is not only very expensive, but also very time-consuming, which is why he can’t do as much for it as he would like. Nevertheless, Arvid still takes part in various motorsport events, such as rallycross, autocross and track days. Arvid also has a racing licence for this. He has already driven on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring and at the Salzburgring several times. Depending on the event, you race against the clock or against other competitors. The equipment for the races is sometimes hired out, so he is not always travelling with his own car.

Arvid has also enjoyed trying out various racing surfaces such as gravel and ice. But Arvid has not only tried his luck in racing with classic racing cars, but also with lightweight cross karts and go-karts, which weigh between 100 and 350kg. His special experiences include several participations in 24-hour go-kart races, including in Italy and Dubai. He says that go-karting is even more strenuous than regular car racing, as longer go-kart rides in particular are a real physical challenge.

So Arvid is not only a surveying enthusiast but also a passionate racing driver and whether on the measuring car or the race track, there are always exciting stories with Arvid in the team. Thank you for this exciting interview, Arvid! We wish you many more motorsport highlights and exciting projects at tmc.

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