Matthias: Head of the Edge Device team at tmc and a passionate firefighter

Today, as part of our blog series on extraordinary hobbies of tmc employees, we would like to introduce you to Matthias. The team leader from the Edge Computing department also pursues a very responsible leisure activity in his private life – he has been involved in the volunteer fire brigade in his home town since his youth. Read more about this exciting activity, which is more than just a hobby.

Team leader and team player

Matthias has been part of the Fleet Management and Edge Device team since the early days of tmc. He started in the development department and is now the Edge Device team leader. He is also responsible for customer satisfaction and related enquiries. Matthias and his team are constantly developing digital measurement systems and solutions.

Committed since early youth

Matthias already joined the local volunteer fire brigade at the age of eleven. Back then, he trained for two hours a day and also at weekends. There were also numerous competitions, culminating in the world championships. Matthias and his team took part at the world championships in Denmark and Italy.
As Matthias explains, many fire service activities are “packaged” into sporting competitions in order to make firefighting and the associated and necessary physical training fun.

Responsible in active service

At the age of 16, Matthias also decided to join the active ranks of the volunteer fire brigade. He initially worked as secretary and in PR, followed by other administrative tasks later on. He was also involved in the usual volunteer fire brigade operations, such as fires, storms, disasters, human and animal rescue operations, snow clearing, flooding, etc. and Matthias trained as a group commander.

Matthias is now in charge of IT and access management for his local volunteer fire brigade, in which 30 children and 180 active members participate. To keep up to date, there are monthly training sessions in the fire station.

The wide range of activities in the volunteer fire brigade is impressive and it is admirable how much time and commitment can go into this hobby. Thank you for these insights, Matthias!

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