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There are many ways to measure railway tracks, but tmRTG revolutionizes track geometry measurements. Here is how.

Besides the spot tamping and the compensation methods there is a third method to execute track maintenance: the Precision Tamping Method. This tamping approach is another, more precise track tamping method based on the referenced track geometry. But what exactly is referenced track geometry?

Referenced track geometry is a combination of relative track geometry leveraging tmc’s unique PosTG in combination with reference points. tmRTG is tmc’s patented measurement system which measures this referenced track geometry and determines the data for the Precision Tamping Method. The PosTG and tmRTG equipment are mounted on rolling stock, e.g. on a measurement car or a tamping machine, and the markers are mounted alongside the track. The machine can now measure at 80+ km/h with the highest precision the exact track position. tmRTG compares the measured track position with the nominal position in a referenced way. The calculated correction values for lifting and lining can be directly used by the tamping machines.

With tmRTG one can measure the track position economically, safely, fast and 100% accurately

  • 100% digital and high level of accuracy
  • Measurement speeds of 80 km/h proven
  • No people on the track, i.e. improved safety
  • No need to close the worksite track or adjacent tracks
  • Implemented to also work fully autonomous

To share the worldwide success of this solution we have started a blog series to give customers, prospects and railway digitalization enthusiasts a greater insight into tmRTG and PosTG. If you are interested to learn more, you can also contact us for an online presentation on the solution. Otherwise, stay tuned for more insights over the next weeks or visit us at the upcoming Innotrans, in Berlin at booth 270, hall 26a.