RTG - Referenced Track Geometry

RTG - Referenced Track Geometry

Economical. Reliable. Secure.


The RTG is your means of choice to optimize track maintenance work. It increases the safety, speed and precision of such work and also creates a reliable database of important track data.




RTG is an onboard solution for measuring carts to automate the track measurement process. Since no workers have to be present on the track, the section of the route does not have to be shut down. In contrast to an absolute measurement, in which geodetic data is used, a combination of reference point measurement and inertial point measurement is used to measure the track position at and between the reference points. The reference points are located on both sides of the tracks and are spaced at regular intervals across the route. The working parameters for the tamping machine are generated from the difference between the track position and the position of the reference points. RTG thereby creates several advantages that are essential for high-speed lines:

  • The track can remain in the original position
  • Stable position of important points on the route (bridges, switches)
  • Stresses (longitudinal and transverse forces) are kept low
  • Determination of the track position in relation to subsequent correction work carried out by tamping machines
  • Covers all wavelengths
  • Possibility to install a new alignment or to return the track to its original design geometry

The system works with high-performance LEDs that illuminate the reference point. If the reference point is hit, the light beam is reflected back into a camera. This then calculates the respective difference data and passes it on.

The most important factors to ensure the functioning of the system:

  • Stereo camera system
  • Measuring frame
  • 2x 10Gbit 5MP cameras with 160fps
  • High performance LED
  • Reference point marker
  • Retroreflective material
  • No interference from extraneous light



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