Meet Benjamin: Head of Product Management and Board Game Connoisseur

If you’re part of our team, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Benjamin. Benjamin is tmc’s Head of Product Management, describing himself as an agile, creative IT Product Manager with a solid background in software engineering. Beyond his professional realm, Benjamin has a passion for board games.

From Website Programming to Head of Product Management

Benjamin, affectionately known as Benji to us all, embarked on his career in software engineering after graduating from the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, where he specialized in interactive media. Transitioning from web development, he delved into creating 3D, VR, and AR showcases for clients attending major industry fairs and working with indoor 3D laserscanning technology before joining Plasser & Theurer and later tmc. How does it all tie together, you might wonder? “3D scanning and indoor mapping, from a technological standpoint, bear significant resemblance to our work here at tmc when we measure tracks or generate a digital twin for a track section” states Benjamin and adds “while the technology is similar, the environmental factors, conditions, and precision differ in the railway industry.”

Today, Benjamin holds the role of Head of Product Management at tmc. Alongside his team, he not only steers and maintains our product development roadmaps but also keeps our customers informed about upcoming features and developments in the pipeline. To facilitate this, he hosts biannual Customer Meetings, where he welcomes our global clients both in person and remotely, showcasing new advancements and diligently addressing customer inquiries. Known for his precision, dedication, and warm demeanor, both colleagues and customers appreciate collaborating with Benjamin. Based in Linz, he occasionally works remotely and frequently travels to engage with our partners and customers.

Balancing family and tmc team

Benjamin values the flexibility his role affords him in terms of when and where he works. As an early riser, he’s typically among the first to arrive at the office, after bringing his kids to kindergarten and school. While he’s not the first to leave, given we have several part-time colleagues, he does depart to tend to familial responsibilities or prepare dinner, much like many of our early risers. A devoted family man and father of two, he treasures daily family interactions, be it playing with his kids and cats, enjoying seaside vacations, or embarking on wellness retreats with his wife.

Indulging Board Games

A beloved pastime for Benjamin’s family is playing board games. There isn’t a board game Benjamin hasn’t explored or played. He takes delight in selecting the perfect game for any occasion. In his childhood home, Benjamin’s dad converted a room into a medieval-themed gaming area, where the family gathered for epic tabletop battles. When asked about his favorite game, Benjamin responds with a question of his own: “Light, casual, or nerdy? Just like a sommelier inquiring about “sparkling, white, or red?” If you’re seeking recommendations for a new board game, here are Benjamin’s suggestions:

Light: “Wizard – the 25th Anniversary Edition.” with the special cards of the anniversary edition, the game is much more interesting

Casual: “The Quacks of Quedlinburg,” where apothecaries and quack doctors compete to concoct the greatest potions.

Nerdy: “Frosthaven,” a Kickstarter miniature board game weighing in at 15kg.

So, if you’re planning your next game night, don’t hesitate to consult Benjamin for recommendations. And, coincidentally, there’s an open position within Benjamin’s team – if you’re a UI/UX Designer based in Linz and interested in joining us, let’s have a conversation.

If you are looking for a work-life balance and want to become part of the great tmc team, take a look at our general job vacancies and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.