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If you are looking for partners and equipment to measure railway tracks then: congrat’s! You’ve found us. We have partnered up with all the excellent equipment and service providers. Today we would like to introduce you to some of them.

Competence Center System Integrator Plasser Italiana

Plasser Italiana – founded 1963 – is acting as the worldwide Competence Center System Integrator for Railway Infrastructure Measurement Technology; their portfolio covers complete machine overhauls, retrofits, installation of upgrades; services and maintenance contracts; revision of tamping units etc; ECM; integration, maintenance and certification of measuring systems as well as measuring services based on EN17025. Your machines will be in good hands with the Plasser Italiana teams. The Measurement Technology portfolio of Plasser Italiana is composed of products coming from their in-house developments, solutions from members of the DRS Alliance and trusted partners based on long-term cooperations.

Excellent Track Geometry with tmc x DMA

Track geometry and high-precision point clouds are the key topics and contributions from tmc to railway infrastructure measurement technology excellence. The products in question for railway track measurements by tmc are PosTG and tmRTG. The Ground Penetration Radar we use is provided by Ground Control, DMA adds a full coverage of video inspection products to our solution. With unique software solutions a new and holistic measurement experience is provided to railway infrastructure operators worldwide.

If you’d like to take a tour of all railway infrastructure measurement technology excellence, visit us and our partners at Innotrans – booths P&T and tmc at 270 in hall 26a, DRSA booth 150 in hall 26 and DMA at booth 375 in hall 23 to learn more or contact us. There you also can learn more of our far wider partner network than named today.