tmc joins Digital Railway Solutions Alliance to pioneer an Open Ecosystem


drs alliance


For tmc, optimizing the world’s railway systems is synonymous with more automatization, digital innovation, and data processing. This is why we joined the Digital Railway Solutions Alliance (DRS Alliance).

15 leaders in European rail track technologies formed the DRS Alliance with the goal to address safety, efficiency and increasing rail’s capacity worldwide. tmc is part of the founding members – you can find the full list below – for the sake of digitalizing and pushing onward with innovative technologies in railway infrastructure management.

Following a collaboration-centered two-day intensive workshop earlier this year, the alliance sought out the development of unique technologies using the latest available expertise to create custom-made resolutions that were tailored to their client’s demands.

Focusing on end-to-end solutions in the rail industry, the DRS plans to effectively reach the entire rail network and better accommodate the world’s ever increasing mobility needs.

3 key domains for tmc

Quite strategically, the alliance has focused on five key domains, and tmc is already involved in three:

  • integrated sensor technology solutions,
  • 3D+ infrastructure data solutions, and
  • AI-Based Predictive Infrastructure management

These themes respectively include a portfolio of state-of-the art sensor technology solutions, an interactive 3D+ interface “to monitor, access and maintain track assets via a digital twin”, and finally an application of priority modular solutions to optimize track and turn out management.

Furthermore, our company’s goal is to accomplish a one-stop-shop for the track-centric acquisition of a high precision point cloud for further usage within the Alliance, such as modeling, track and asset planning.

Our aim is to offer outstanding track machine digitalization expertise for PLC integration, process digitalization, machine-centric architecture evolution, data acquisition and exchange, including between the machine and back-office. In this way, the DRS partners can combine provided data for better value-added market offerings.

Finally, we strive to offer unique and patented measurements systems for track geometry and further central data acquisition solutions — all needed for superstructure aspect measurements.

Up next, our next accepted challenge in the DRS is to create a leading end-to-end portfolio with our partners. Keep up with our blog to find out more or check out our fellow alliance members.

Founding members of the DRS Alliance