TA - Tamping Assistant

TA - Tamping Assistant

Artificial. Intelligent. Vision.

The TA is an AI-based solution from TMC that helps the operator to manage operational systems of the machine. The Tamping Assistant scans the track, gives specific recommendations for action and checks the machine's work units. This not only reduces the operator's workload, but also lowers the risk of incorrect operation. If manual interaction is required, there is still a fallback option.




The track is scanned in front of the tamping machine (laser scanner, color camera, rail profile sensors on the front of the machine) and evaluated using the Tamping Assistant. All track parts, switches and obstacles are recognized and suggestions are made for the lifting and straightening unit, the additional lifting and the actual tamping unit.

  • No operator required in the co-tamping cabin
  • Fast response options thanks to real-time data processing
  • Reduced operator workload
  • Consistent and reproducible tamp quality



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