SmartALC - Automatic Guidance System

SmartALC - Automatic Guidance System

Clear. Automatic. Guidance.

Control systems are essential for the smooth workflow of railway construction machines. The new version of the ALC impresses with its intuitive user interface and functions that support the machine operator in his work and ensure process reliability.


  • Perfect overview with 21.5 inch HD display or compact working with the 15 inch variant
  • Easy operation with touchscreen and keyboard
  • Better overview thanks to horizontal display and intuitive user interface
  • User profiles for differently qualified personnel
  • Easy orientation thanks to the machine symbol
  • Exact positioning of the values based on the machine symbol
  • Precise compensation calculation at the push of a button
  • Night mode provides optimal screen contrast during day and night operation
  • Track geometry optimization from single errors to BIM projects
  • Increased efficiency through targeted approach to errors
  • Sustainable track geometry with targeted wear reserves

The automatic guidance computer (ALC) has been the heart of track measurement technology and track geometry control for tamping machines for 20 years. However, hardware and software of the system have been fundamentally revised to offer a modern experience.

The focus of the development of the SmartALC was on the following:

  • Adaptation of the user interface to harmonize the control systems
  • Efficient and intuitive operation according to smartphone or tablet
  • Use of the latest technology standards for more efficient maintenance and easier further development
  • Provision of current interfaces



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