Proven methods for machine operators

TMC’s machine solutions are onboard solutions that gather, display and process track information. They provide multiple ways of handling machine data and guarantee an uninterrupted, transparent and optimized working process. We created smart helper programs that show track information, let the user analyze and interact with it in real-time and put them alongside the operator into the cabin. Put your focus on the tracks with the intuitive and user-friendly input methods of our solutions. Our products will enhance the accuracy of track machine operations, save time, and enable safe and comfortable train journey.


Automatic Guidance Computer (SmartALC)


The Automatic Guidance Computer is a smart helper program that runs onboard in the operator’s cabin. It displays collected data in a structured way, lets the user interact and send it back to the machine to process the instructions.


Data Recording Processor (DRP)


The Data Recording Processor gathers all track information after the work of the machine is over. The only thing that is missing to complete the contract, is an acceptance report for the infrastructure company. The Data Recording Processor will take care of that part.


Tamping Assistant (TA)


The Tamping Assistant is TMC's AI-based solution that analyzes scanned track data, detects possible obstacles, and supports the operator by automatically stopping the machine and positioning the working units.

These tamping suggestions ensure reproducible work quality and recording the tamping process makes track maintenance transparent.



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For rail companies worldwide, the ALC has been the method of choice for 20 years.


The TMC hard-and software developments are an important part of our product digitalization for global market requirements. Together we can handle our major project in Japan to the full satisfaction of our customer.

Peter Ulrich
Peter Ulrich
Digital Officer
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